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NHCA - New Hope Of Children Association has  over 300 students, most of them come from four Villages around the school.
15% of the children  their families  are good , 55% are com from very poor families and 30 % are orphaned children, some have no mother or father,  others live with their grandparents.
Prosh started the school in his home for 4 years before getting generous support & sponsors to grow the school from 150 children to 300 children, based from his home, to a 3 class room school.
New Hope Of Children Association now have 5 classrooms rooms, an employment center to teach women from the surrounding villages to sew & earn an income, a library, a computer room, a kitchen and run a program that feeds 160 kids each week for only $10 US to feed 80 children a day.
Prosh has also set up an sewing program in the school for women in the community to make an income and raise funds for the school through the sale of these items. They make a varitey of items, much of which is from recycled materials.
They produce their own food through the plantation of banana & mango trees & raising live stock including pigs & ducks.
During the raining season the school yard floods with water, leaving the children with very little space to play. The school is currently raising funds to purchase cement to build a schools grounds. 
To volunteer - contact us here for details 
To donate to the food program - Click on the donate now button 
For anything else contact NHCA  
New Hope of Children Association  is an official Charity Organization, registered in Cambodia on 10 May 2013. Register Number: 1105
New Hope of Children Association
Krabiriel Commune, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Food & Health Programs

How We Help 

Conscious Choice Culture would like to contribute to the New Hope Children Association by helping to expand the food program for the children. Currently feeds 80 children twice per week for only $10 US  
We also hope to create positive awareness & help volunteers to attend the school. 
"Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food"