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Employment Project 

How We Help

Conscious Choice Culture purchase directly from the source, which supports over 20 families from a local community outside of Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

The employment project


The employment project was founded in 2007 when Sothea initiated the idea to recycle the waste products left from the cement & rice bags into a usable product.  

The products are handmade made by local people, who are often uneducated & struggle to get gainful employment, this source of income allows them to earn money from their work to support and improve their family’s life.

Most of the local people are farmers and living in poverty. The product is recycled & reduces waste from entering the landfill. The project supports jobs for the underprivileged,  educates the greater community about sustainable living by using waste to be recycled into products & positive environmental behaviours.  


Income and benefit

Today there are 20 tailors working in this employment project, some who are handicapped & those who come from the poorer families. Furthermore, this job is providing the people more understanding about the benefit of the waste that can be recycled and also help saved the environment.



The product is durable & strong. All zips are tested for strength & longevity & have been improved over the years. The recycle rice / cement bags have been covered in plastics, which is also recycled, for strength & protection wear & tear prematurely.



Recycled Bags