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Adrian resides in Pursat in Cambodia creating both educational programs at a state school level with the education department & a Tuk Tuk Theatre for children. 
All to often, kids of Cambodia are required to work or look after their siblings so both their parents can earn an income, there is very minimal play time.
Adrian & his wife travel around bringing toys, books, volunteers, educational resources & create workshops for long term change. 
If you would like to support the above cause you can contact Adrian & see more of his work at - 
Conscious Choice Culture will assist Adrian is his projects by collecting second hand toys & books.
We will assist by getting the books transcribed for the children and store the items, until we have enough to fill a container ship collectively. 
What an exciting project & so much fun to bring joy to these little people!
Get involved:
Donate second hand disused books and toys for the children.


Get involved email : 



How We Help
Conscious Choice Culture are collecting new & used books & toys for the Tuk Tuk 4 Children Charity. Combined with Adrian & his team we hope to collect enough to fill a shipping container to send in 2018 
We also facilitate volunteer opportunities in Cambodia to contribute to the work of Adrian & his team.
As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands: one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.
― Sam LevensonIn One Era & Out the Other


3 X Toys donated 

4 X Toys donated 

33 X Toys donated