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At Conscious Choice Culture our drive is to assist local & OS Artisans from underdeveloped communities, by building an online market place and providing various support to bring their hand-crafted wares to your homes.
So many talented people creating amazing products, but rarely  utilizing their talent to support their life style.  Creative people  are artists, not promoters. 
We would like to be that voice to promote local & OS Artisans. 
With a passion for recycled, handmade products driven by my inner-environmentalist, and the motivation to help others, we are bringing this concept to life.


Handmade, recycled, ethical products from local & OS Artisans, supporting charities, employment & education projects from your purchase
Mission statement
Conscious Choice Culture's mission is to facilitate and support the connection between artisans and shorten the supply chain to the market place.
To benefit the community through established projects, successful charities & have a positive social impact through supporting current activities that create employment opportunities, develop educational programs & benefit underprivileged communities. 
For more info: see our Social Benefit page 
Why a marketplace
We believe that artisans can change their own lives through their artistic creations through businesses.
However not all artisans have the capabilities or time to grow and build their business, we believe we can benefit these talented individuals by bringing their products direct to you in one market place.
By giving you the opportunity to purchase directly from artisans locally and from all around the world you not only contribute to building their dreams but we contribute profits from your purchase back into community projects. 
Benefiting people through employment, education programs and raising funds for charities already doing amazing work is what Conscious Choice Culture is all about.   
How we make a difference
Conscious Choice Culture supports artisans by helping to bring their beautiful gifts to the market & support their life through their creative talents. 
Many of our products come from underprivileged communities which creates employment, provides income and supports the livelihood of hundreds of people in these communities.
Locally we run networking events to assist in the professional development of individuals wanting to make a living from their creative talents and achieve their dreams.
We use profits to fund education programs, feed the children projects, support charities already achieving amazing things.
Our product offering is focused on the following values – handmade, ethical, recycled or environmentally friendly.